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J13 electronic ignition conversion questions


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I've finally got the truck operating and I'm considering the switch to electronic ignition. I'm not a purist, so the points have got to go...


What's the average cost on this type of conversion and specifically what parts are needed? My coil has the resistor built-in so I shouldn't need a new one, correct? I'm guessing this is a distributor swap and a little bit of wiring.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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$125 for a good used Nissan "matchbox" distributor w/pedestal + matching coil

You want a coil with no resistor built in. Remove the existing or stock resistor.


Two wires, connect to the two coil terminals. So simple I wouldn't even call it a swap. More like a replacement.

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So pretty much any matchbox distributor will plug in there? Even if it's a 'J' series engine? Cool! Bummer on the coil... I just bought that.



No it won't just go in there, the J block never had an electronic ignition that I know of, and I don't beleave that an "A" or "L" block distributor will drop in there, if you want a matchbox, you will have to make one.

Mike K. did it in his NL320 thread, on the first page.


You need the coil that goes with the matchbox.

I wonder if pertronics makes something that will go in the J block distributor.

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I have two matchbox distributors both out of a series vech one has a

dual vacuum port advance/ retard pod and the other is a regular vacuum advance

my question is can a A series match be adapted to a J series as described in above

threads ? I couldn't find it but has any tried? If possible I wish to use moduale from

one on the other? advance curve springs kits ? Thanks for any help

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another option I just completed . I switched a matchbox L series shaft into a A series match box housing . then installd the J series gear . used the J series timming plate and it works great.

bought a new vac advance from napa. hard part was finding a good advance plate. it really woke up

this engine . now no secondary bog. Didnt even install extended tip plugs and increase gap yet.

also the advance plate notch had to be widened . I used a die grinder bit. otherwize a "bolt in "

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