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  1. Ofeargall

    My Ratsun Datsun 521, now with L-20-B

    Is that an Argosy those fenders are leaning against?
  2. Ofeargall

    Punctured 520 radiator, any suggestions?

    Okay, I pinched the tube, fluxed and soldered the spot. Doesn't seem to be leaking a bit! While I was at it I re-soldered the bracket on the driver's side as it had come loose at some point. When I did get it all back together the top rad hose was leaking pretty bad. I posted somewhere else on Ratsun about that fix. Basically, a top hose from a mid 60's Volvo Amazon is an exact fit replacement on my J13. A couple pix...
  3. Ofeargall

    J13 top radiator hose part number

    NAPA #7545 is a top radiator hose for a mid 60's Volvo Amazon. Fits perfectly on the 68 520 J13. My buddy at NAPA is a Volvo guy. I walked in with a leaky top hose that was the wrong size to begin with and he said that it looked like the one off his Amazon would work. They had one in stock. Exact fit. Worked like a charm. Some days are just great.
  4. Ofeargall

    Boxboy's 520

    Go n éirí an bóthar leat - May your journey be a success with you. Buichas lé Dia. - God be praised.
  5. Ofeargall

    Punctured 520 radiator, any suggestions?

    Wow! Thanks guys! I had to solder my rad mound bracket back on to the jeep. I sanded that down to brass, fluxed it all, heated it, fluxed again, tinned it and then put it all together. But that was where the bracket meets the tank and it was all heavy duty so I was a bit more confident. I'll get it pinched and soldered. If that doesn't work I'll go the job weld or Sugru route. Probably do it this weekend. I'll let you know how it turns out. I need to get some silver solder to make a new end for my throttle cable on my motorcycle anyway. Good excuse...
  6. My wife had to jump start our 79 Jeep from Edd, the Datsun. She left the engine running on the truck and the jumper cables tangled with the fan. Fortunately the fan belt is a little loose (and old) so it didn't keep spinning. But, one of the jumper cable clamps got pinned against the lower part of the radiator and put a small puncture wound in one of the vertical flow thingymabobbers. Can I just pinch that one closed somehow? I'm pretty decent at soldering but I've heard that you can never get it to hold on these parts. I don't know... I'm just looking for suggestions. Someone here must have taken a shot to the radiator at one time or another. How did you fix it? Thanks in advance.
  7. Ofeargall

    Canby 2012: Are we there yet?

    Thank you!
  8. Ofeargall

    Canby 2012: Are we there yet?

    I'm new to Canby/Ratsun and the threads with the info I'm looking for are pretty deep. So, can someone help me find the info I'm looking for on bringing a trailer? I don't plan on showing, I just want to bring my rig to meet up with other Datsun owners, plus my family and one of out travel-trailers. Is there an extra fee and can I just pay at the gate? Any help is greatly appreciated... I'm bringing this: But I'm also bringing something to sleep in...
  9. Ofeargall

    J13 electronic ignition conversion questions

    You guys are awesome. Thank you for the information/resources.
  10. Ofeargall

    J13 electronic ignition conversion questions

    So pretty much any matchbox distributor will plug in there? Even if it's a 'J' series engine? Cool! Bummer on the coil... I just bought that.
  11. I've finally got the truck operating and I'm considering the switch to electronic ignition. I'm not a purist, so the points have got to go... What's the average cost on this type of conversion and specifically what parts are needed? My coil has the resistor built-in so I shouldn't need a new one, correct? I'm guessing this is a distributor swap and a little bit of wiring. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. Ofeargall

    My Ratsun Datsun 521, now with L-20-B

    Get your Datsuns running. The water is too cold to water ski. The grass is growing so fast in Oregon right now that I would PAY to have a horse to mow my yard all day long. Besides, Canby is coming up soon as is Blue Lake, right? My wife and sons keep telling me to get the truck ready for these shows. You've got the best tutorials in the universe, by the way.
  13. Ofeargall

    WTB J13 Starter Solenoid/Starter

    Dang... I have some great shots of rebuilding the carb... I forgot to shoot some photos of the starter while I had it out.
  14. Ofeargall

    Almost ready for show time

    Yep, it's a pretty comfortable arrangement. I'll be bobbing the tail so the seat just hangs over the back tire eventually. Tough to say right now... I need mirrors and my brake lights aren't working currently, so those will have to be top priority. The fuse block is all rusty from mouse urine (which I believe is the likely cause of the brake light issue). My plan is to replace the fuse block with the newer fuses. I like the vintage fuses but this will eventually be a truck for my wife and sons and I don't want to run the risk of them ever being stranded. Speaking of being stranded... We made it about a mile from the little show we were at and the rig broke down. It was dark and raining so we towed it to a friend's house and came back the next day with the trailer. Fortunately the bike was still in the pickup! I just rebuilt the carburetor on Saturday. I couldn't find a rebuild kit so I sort of made my own. A sharp knife and lipstick is the answer when making your own gaskets, just make sure it isn't your wife's favorite color of lipstick... My son helped me with the project. The float collar had long since been lost so he said, "what if we used a ring connector like you use with wiring, only we cut off the ring part?". Brilliant! He clearly gets his smarts from his mother. Anyway, he made a new collar for me and it was a perfect fit. After working on the truck all day, I figured "what 13 year old wouldn't want to drive the truck he'd been working on all day?". So, we took it on a bit of a backroads ramble to "test our work". Ran like a champ. While everything was apart I soda blasted it all and boiled the parts in 'Tide' laundry soap and water (outside...). Here's a link to my $5 soda blaster video. I use it all the time on aluminum stuff.
  15. Ofeargall

    WTB J13 Starter Solenoid/Starter

    I just tore into it. The pivot pin had backed out and it wasn't kicking the pinion gear back. How do I delete this posting?...

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