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210 lug nuts


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I just wandered around Pick-a-part until I found enough. I think I probably have most of a coffee can worth now, since I needed them for my 6-lug truck. But when I needed a set in a pinch it was a bit of an issue, as Schucks (now Oreilly) only had 1 or 2 sets (of 4) per store. Had to hit 5 stores since one was sold out, and they weren't cheap at like $7.50 for 4. Hence the wandering around Pick-a-part. There used to be a bunch in the mud wherever someone had pulled a set of mags, but nowadays the yard pulls all the decent wheels and tires before putting the cars in the yard so it's less common.

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thanks for the info, so 12x1.25. I've got the same style for the torque thrusts on my chevy, so I know washers are crucial!!

I only say that couse the second place i went for them, the costless on 99, had 4 sets but they didnt have washers.

I asked the guy if I could steal em out of the other packs (12x1.5) he said bo and tried the hole " you dont realy need those "

I reminded him what holds the rim on and he called the other store , they had four sets also. 1$ a lug, disnt have lockin ones tho

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