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  1. Thanks for the tip, that definitely looks like an option! I'm going to keep pushing forward with what I've got but that will be my alternative if this doesn't work out. Thank you! Yeah I still have the wagon, thats been collecting dust as well, and it's been great for storage haha! But it's living indoors so it's aging nicely, not wasting away. I hope to get back on that once the truck is running again.
  2. That is a great idea! Not sure why that hadn't crossed my mind. I suppose I'd measure the distance between the steering arms where they would be under normal load, then again at full compression. Anyone know what would be an acceptable amount of difference?
  3. After researching all the steering options I could think of, I decided to use a mustang II manual steering rack from Speedway motors as my specimen. Why? Rack and pinion, set up for front steer, Economic, similar width, very readily available in power and manual, chrome or cast, etc. I think I paid about $120 for it. I was able to go on Moog's website and cross reference tie-rod ends until I got lucky and found ones that had the same threaded female ends as the mustang II rack, and the same size tapered ends as the 521 steering arms. My alternative plan was to ream out the 521 steering arms until the mustang II tie-rod ends fit in. Glad I got to skip that step! I did have to cut about 1.5" off of each side of the steering rack but there was more than enough threads for the tie-rod ends to thread all the way on still. Motors back in and ready for a test fit. Things are looking good! The universal steering joint and double D shaft I also got from speedway motors. This will connect to the B2200 steering column I put in back when I did the body drop. I also went and saw my exhaust guy in town and had a piece bent and flared to tie in the KA down pipe to my existing exhaust. The 3 bolt flange I got off of ebay for like $20 or so. My only reservation about this setup it that the distance between the knuckles on the rack (where it pivots to accommodate suspension travel and ackermann steering) is about 6" wider overall than the distance between where the LCA's pivot on the frame, which could potentially lead to bump steer. I am hoping that the relatively flat angles of the LCA's and the stiff, minimal travel from the coilovers will work in my favor. like this: I______I Rather than this: I/-------\I ( forward and back slashes representing the control arms, at an exaggerated angles but the best i can do on the keyboard) I've spent many hours thinking about this but I've never modified or built steering before. I won't know until I road test it.
  4. Well Its been sometime since an update! The 521 has been on the back burner for few years, but it has definitely not been forgotten about in my mind. Life is just much busier for me than it was when I started driving/building it. But it's all been for the better, bought a house with a shop, growing my business, got engaged, travelling and so on. I started working on it again back in March but it was just here and there. I'm attempting to hit it hard this rainy season and get it back on the road for next year. I figured a ratsun update would be a great motivator plus I know its just not fair for me to build in secrecy! lol. Here's how it sat collecting dust while i was neglecting it The new Ratsun laboratory. A far cry from my old shed with the wood floors where it all began! Oh yeah i got a new daily too? Don't worry, my heart is still with the old dattos, I just have a commute now and I can't see myself driving a Camry Cab coming off Did it by myself, it was sketch! but thats how it's always been! Here's the first test fit with Redeye's 521 KA mounts Exhaust needed some tucking... The exhaust used to route above the trans Xmember, but goddamn the floor got hot under my feet! So here's my solution This was from the same piece of 3 1/2" tubing I made the channel through the rear IRS subframe I have more progress done, I will upload more pictures very soon!!
  5. Len, you and Wayno are correct! I was able to run the same test as you and got the same result. I guess I need to make a new pin to press in there, or possibly tap it? Any measurements would be great!
  6. Thanks lockleaf I'll look into it. I guess I never think to look on here for non Datsun stuff
  7. Datzenmike hahahaha I was almost loosing my mind trying to upload those pictures. Between the pos site and my mystery on hand. Geez. It's bad. any recommendations on image hosting? I concluded that if I'm going to run the SUs I need to know more about them and how to properly set them up. Or get rid of them so I'm not tempted to complicate my life agin lol. So... I put the stock carb and manifold back on. Not very exciting but I just need to get my truck back on the road. Thanks guys for helping me figure that out!
  8. Well I've gone as far as taking the front carb off to look for this elusive port and still can't find it... Here's a bottom view
  9. Datzenmike thank you for the insight. I've done nothing in the sort of tuning yet I was just looking to get everything hooked up first. There's a very likely chance that they just need tuning to get optimum performance! I was told they were from a Japanese import motor, any they are on a stock (other than matchbox dizzy) L18
  10. Not really going for all performance all the time, I just cruise with the occasional 'give er hell' moment. But what do you mean by recurve the distributor? MikeRL411- I'm looking high and low and not seeing anything back there, I don't believe it is that banjo bolt I just have that running into the atmosphere same with the front for a breather. Here's the view between the carb and firewall
  11. So I decided to while I was doing the head gasket job on my 1974 620, I might as well put on my set of su carbs from an old project on while I was in there. Everything is hooked up in what I think is the correct order, but I cannot find where to hook up the distributed vacuum advance! Is there supposed to be an inlet here where the pencil is pointed? My other truck did not have a brake booster, but the 620 does so the barb on the back runner of the intake is hooked to that. That's the only spot where I think I may have had it hooked up to on my old truck. But from what I've read that isn't even the correct spot. It fires right up and the timing is set, but it lacks power under acceleration, which seems about right for no VA
  12. I just got excited when I saw the thread and didn't remember what day is was haha. Do you have another set ready to go?
  13. Hell!, that would sure expedite the process on my 521! I haven't really touched it since I moved last summer but my workspace is about set up. This was a test fit right before the move. I'll have to get a set even if I don't win.
  14. I see what you are doing Hainz... Trying to get me fired up and prove you wrong. Well dammit if Icehouse doesn't buy it I'm keeping it! FTW!
  15. Before everyone gets all bent out of shape, listen up! Just because I put an ad up for it doesn't mean I'm over it nor is it going to the scrapper. Just thought I'd see if somebody else has more interest in it then I currently have the time for. If it doesn't sell especially for my asking price, I will keep it. Now you can all take a deep breath and relax
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