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BITCHIN!!!! Hopeless Jack and the Handsome Devil!

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I seriously think we should take up a collection to have these guys play at Canby! I finally got my cd today, signed! And a postcard, signed! And a hand-written envelope it came in, which is totally awesome! Much less, they're damn good, especially for a first cd.


The post card reads: "Why God, Why? Why does 40 mi in two days hurt so bad? Why did you let us do it? A prompt response would be most appreciated.. Best J&P" :)



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Something tells me he meant 400 miles :) I was talking with Jack last week, apparently the tour went fucking AWESOME and their name is exploding all over the nation. They just did a string of shows down in California. Dude is pretty damn awesome of a guy as well.


One of the first jokes he told me:


Jack: Knock knock.

Me: Who's there?

Jack: Vegan.

Me: Vegan wh***

Jack: *interrupts* I'm better than you!

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