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Stock 13" tire size

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my 71 has some B78 13st's on it.... I believe that converts to a 175/80/13..is that correct? All I can find in that size are trailer tires. I just need some cheap cheap tires right now that hold air. But eventually I'm going to get the same size in a decent tire...



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I use P155R13 Remington Maxxums from Fosters Tire shop on Rosecrans near the 405. They have the advantage of being so close to the original "86 series" tube type in diameter wlth wider road patch that handling and speedometer calibration are not adversely affected. Don't know what part of SoCal you're in, but I have been using Fosters since 1972.

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I'll have to go to the shop tonight and look @ the tires again.


I really want to roll it out on some OEM stuff for a while before putting some 280zx turbo wheels on it...but if is too hard I'm just gonna say screw it and get some 175/80's or something like that. but I"m hoping to find some used tires right now. I have one tire that goes flat in a couple hours. need to be able to push this around the shop.

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They don't have used tire stores in SoCal?


I was up at one here in WA, they had probably 10 sets worth of 13s.


Really, I wouldn't sit it on OEM tires. They're 40 years old. Just get 4 matched or 2 pairs of used 13s in the same size. 155, 165, 175, they all fit the stock original wheels. 185 probably too, but maybe a bit wide. I wouldn't even try finding a B78 tire- it's a bias-ply tire only made for trailers nowadays.

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