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kind of a datsun....

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bought this tonight for $250.

Its a 5'x10' flatbed trailer built onto a 521 or 620 pickup frame. Was originally built over 30 years ago but with a stock bed. about 10 years ago it received the flatbed because the original bed rotted into nothingness.


Oh yes, it still has an alloy 3rd member in it, soon to be swapped out for a steel one. :-D












plans are:

bigger shackles (from metalmonkey47's truck)

30" tires and 15" wheels(from my 720 4x4 donor truck)

hopefully these two will level the trailer behind my truck.


redo wiring and loom it all.

paint the whole thing.

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:blink: BLEW MY MIND!!


My friends and I have been contemplating a camping trailer. VW diesel motor connected to a generator. A small fridge, LOG SPLITTER!, water tank, Telescoping light pole, a few beer taps..., a grill somewhere on it. And probably some other things I cant remember.

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yeah this trailer will be great for camping.


I wonder if I could just build a big PVC water tank with an equal or greater sized PVC container above to hold pressurized air... that way I don't need electricity to flow water. Just pressurize the system before leaving to go camping.

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