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R33 GTS25t build

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ibb&s R33 GTS25t daily driven street weapon build project - sponsored by IBM*


*not really


Hey there guys - invited her by SkkeetzerZ - I'm a kiwi - so all my dates are DD/MM/YYYY sorry!


Just so you guys know, my plan for this car is a low, loud and wide stanced street drivable slider. Something I can show up to a hardpark/meet and be proud of then the next day take it down to the local race course and throw it round a few corners sideways and drive it on home.


Please excuse the shitty picture quality.


So here it goes:


I was in the market for a new car after just starting my job at IBM - I'd written off my last car - a R33 GTS non turbo manual only 6 months earlier and was currently driving a Integra DC2 Si manual VTEC - was good fun but I wanted to go back to my Skylines again.


I found this one on trademe - and although it wasn't the best example - I was somehow drawn to it - and fortunately - the current owner was keen for swaps with a cheap run around.


Here's a picture taken by the old owner while it was for sale on trademe.




After negotiation and talking - I (see: my friend drove it) went for a test drive around the 1st of November. Decided to put an offer in for $11,500 but with swaps for my Honda which he valued at $4,500 (I bought it for 4,200 just 6 months before and had only done an oil change) so I payed $7,000 cash.


4th of November is the day I picked the car up. I traveled down to Mercer to meet the guy. Driving my Honda Integra DC2 for the last time.


Here's some pictures I shot while I grabbed some McDonalds. I was nervous as fuck - first time driving a turbo car.


Bit low, bit rough but ideally it had all that I wanted.






The following modifications were done by the previous owner:


Completely rebuilt.

Re-honed block.

Plained head.

Full RB26DETT internals with top comp ring machined out to 1.5mm to fit full chromalloy piston rings.

Permaseal PLMSR racing 1.3mm 3 layer metal head gasket.

NDC big end and main bearings.

Rebalanced crank.

Gates racing cambelt.

New tensioners idlers and water pump.

High flow thermostat.

New crank and cam seals.

New rocker cover and half moon seals.

5mm stainless steel manifold gaskets.

Rebuilt and high flowed turbo with genuine Garrett T3 inside.

Blitz BOV.

Apexi pod filter.

Apexi cat back exhaust.


After driving it round for a few days I found a minor issue - a fairly strong smell of burning oil in the cabin. After further inspection - I found the turbo feed line, which was made out of PVC (wtf) had broken, was leaking and needed fixing. Replaced with a braided line and has been clean for the past 6 months.


Second issue was I found it had very little traction, especially with the cheap chinese tyres in the rear. Also later found that the suspension was a fair bit lower than it should be. I jacked it up and found that the springs were cut and compressed and sitting uncaptive in the shocks. Shocks were also leaking a little bit. But still was fine until I could replace with adjustable.


Attended the NZPC hardpark sometime over the next few months - after a good wash, wax and polish I got the car coming up super clean. For what she was, I was really happy with it.




Then went down to the beach with some mates after the hardpark and got this picture.





On the 21st of December I finally picked up a new set of wheels I'd been eying up on trademe for quite some time. Wolf SP1s (Work Meister reps) 18x9 front and 18x10 rear with near new Dunlop Direzza DZ101s on them. Should be more than enough to lay down the power.


I stacked them up in the garage and that's where they sat for a few weeks.





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For Christmas I got a cool little present from my parents - along with some other stuff that's a bit irrelevant - I got 3 Autogauge smoke series gauges and a DIN pocket, along with a Nismo gearknobthing.


With the help of my Dads best friend (who was in the country), an autosparky which works out in the mines in Aussie, we installed my gauges that night.




About a month later I went and talked to Nick @ Platinum Wheels in Glenfield and got my guards rolled. I also spoke to Alex @ MLRacing and had a set of brand new BC Gold coilovers ordered and should be in the friday of that week.


Finally Friday dawned - and as you can imagine - I was pretty excited.




And so that afternoon with the help of my Dad we worked as quick as we could to get them installed in time for that evening so I could take it out for a test drive. Also had a SDU beach meat the next day!




Out comes the old, shitty uncaptive cutties. KYB shocks and RS*R springs. What a waste.




In went the BC Gold adjustables.




Bolted up nice and tight. I left the damper on one click in from soft. And made no adjustments to the height, just left it as what I got from the factory.


So I threw my new wheels on - with only one minor issue being the fronts didn't clear the huge 4 pot brakes, I put a set of 3mm spacers on the front and I had about a hairs clearance - good enough - and then slowly dropped the car down to the ground, hoping that it would cause me too many issues.




Front fitment




Rear fitment




Overall fitment





Dish in the rear


They fitted just about perfect. Absolutely what I was looking for - and a surprisingly flush fit for wheels that I had no idea would fit or not. Was a bit nerve wracking but I got them there in the end - and with bugger all guard rub.


So I took it out for a bit of a test pilot that night and it handled amazing, the BC Golds were awesome and the steering felt so much lighter, and it turned and handled so much better. That annoying cracks and rattles when I went over bumps disappeared.

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So it was off down to Army Bay the next day:




Got some great feedback on the wheels and I was heaps pleased.


After most left, me & a few close mates decided to hang around and take some photos. Here's a good shot.




Few weeks passed and I was just making some minor adjustments - I eventually raised the rear about an inch and dropped the front a bit to give it a bit more of an even ride. Gave it a wash and took some photos.





So that's how it stood for a few months - I had my tyres slashed just a few weeks after taking that photo so 650$ later I had 2 new Bridgestone Potenzas RE001 - kinda slowed down my project but they were heaps grippier than my DZ101s. It's just a shame I'd only put maybe 3,000kms on the old pair.


About a month later I had my next big meet - NZHondas monthly Greenlane meet. I rocked down there to meet a few fellow spamcrew guys and we had a good chill out - I had my photo taken by Freshly Whipped and some other handy photographers - we then went down to a special spot and played some soggy biscuit while exchanging a few laughs and having a good time.





This picture pointed one thing I hadn't noticed - my plate spells G6 [DWG687]




Just the guise parked up in terrible lighting. We then relocated down to the carpark just down there for a few more pics but I won't bore you with them.


Next up, after getting my WOF just a few weeks earlier - the guy told me I'll need to replace the rear trailing arm bushes - so I went ahead and contacted a VTI on NZHondas and he hooked me up with an awesome deal on some Nolothane bushes - so I grabbed a full set of replacement bushes for the rear - they still sit in my garage needing to be installed in the near future. Pics will come as I install.


Finally this brings me to yesterday [20/4/2011] when I recieved what I'd ordered just a few days ago off trademe. A genuine GReddy Trust Type LS front mount intercooler. I was super excited, finally another big toy for my car after a few weeks without anything.


I quickly rushed home at 4pm (don't tell my boss plz) and unwrapped it:




GReddy detailing on the top of the front mount.


So I parked the car up into the driveway and slowly took the front bumper off - was a bit of touch and go but with the help of RENEN on SDU I was able to get it off.




Finally I hit a bit of a worry - my boost solenoid needed a nipple valve thing installing - and I didn't have an angle grinder to cut away at the bumper and reo bar. So I made a call up on SDU and thankfully gts-4r offered to come over and gave me a hand. 10 mins later he was at my place and we were getting back to business. We installed the nipple, got it plumbed up and cut a hole in the front guard. Test fit fine, went to install the bumper but that took a bit of hacking apart. We finally got it together and I backed it out the driveway - here's the results.






So an awesome result. Drove great, peak boost increased by about a pound and it felt heaps more responsive, with almost no difference in spool lag.

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Guess what came in the mail today - was waiting for me as I got home today




Opened it up, delicious clean podfilter




My dog having a nosy




Installed quickly before dinner




And the old pod filter - note how badly damaged it is. Glad to get it out.




Bought some R33 4 door S2 bumper lights.. Installed them in and they fix just as expected. A little smaller than factory, so I have to cut off some silly tabs. But otherwise a good fit. I might just put some black sealant around them to flush them into the bumper.




And another cool picture taken on the night.



Cheers to kuikui from SDU for the pics


And to finish it off, I've got one of these coming in from Japan thanks to Alex@MLRacing




Should be good. I've always wanted one, and never seen one on a R33 in NZ before so should be something different. Will probs just make it look like a Silvia tho ;p




Minor little update.


Anyway, I threw on the last thing I need before I can go down to the cert place.. 15mm spacers for brake clearance. The Wolfs (u mad?) don't clear the huge 4 pots on the R33. I was using 3mm slip ons, but they're not certable.. So grinding and 3 hours of back breaking work resulted in this:












The initial fit off the ground, needs more camber! Luckily, I got what I wanted, 2.5deg when it's sitting on the ground.


And wham-bam! Here is the results. Typical shitty phone pics. Sorry.








Much more aggressive!


And just a little parting picture.




I <3 fakeshit.. when they fit right.

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I took my car down to Tauranga for the local SDU dyno day


My car put out 141kw at 4500rpm before it was pulled off the dyno. Car was reading 13.9 AFR on boost, much too lean (RBs should be about 12 AFR on boost)


Speaking to a friend there, he mentioned he was selling his forged 25DET - after a while I decided to buy it from him - another friend offered to help me rebuild it for my old 25DET, which sounded like a good deal to me.


This is the spec sheet when I bought it:


-ACL 87mm forged pistons with race series rings

-ACL Race mains and big end bearings

-K-Lined Honda valve guides

-All valves reground and seated

-I have a full set of RB26DETT rods and a brand new set of ACL mains & Big Ends that will come with it as these will make things a lot stronger.

-Greddy plenum

-VH41 throttle body

-*800cc injectors (looking at the collars and plugs with them sard)

-If it's still at Psymins a Z32 AFM with a nearly brand new Apexi filter, or otherwise a Q45 AFM (the Q45 will not be able to support as much power)

-Sinco manifold with Genuine Tial 44mm wastegate

-HKS intercooler with all piping needed

-*Copy Tial BOV as I'm keeping my genuine one

-Tanabe 90mm LM racing exhaust with downpipe and wastegate piping (downpipe would need to be remade for a different turbo most likely.

-Apexi Power FC, with hand controller and boost control kit

-Tomei fuel pump

-Sinco catch can with -10 lines to the cam covers

-*M&H adjustable cam gears. You'd only be able to run the exhaust gear unless you changed the cams and got rid of the VCT intake cam.

Unknown - a few hundy from STA possibly

-*XSPower super T70 turbo. It would probably be way too big for the motor as it looks to be around a 1.06 rear housing on it so would be laggy as hell.

- Unkown brand fuel pressure regulator sitting there if you want it. I wouldn't recommend using it but you can sell it if you want.

-short shifter kit. It's got nismo in the casting but I can't 100% guarantee it's authenticity. It seems to be very well make though, so probably is. The courier bag it's in says S13, but when I spoke to the guy I got the car off he believed it was for an R33.


"With the current holset it should be making 300KW at 12psi, as it was doing 255kw @ 6000rpm. I guess if you went with the same as ON2SHU you hit 300 at around 16psi, but once the rods/ head gasket are changed the engine should be capable of a fair bit more than that. I don't know what sort of power the RB26 rods are good for, but they are considerably chunkier than the 25 ones."


From there, I sold off the T70, Short Shifter and cam gears as I won't be using them in the current build.


I purchased a Garrett GT3076 with a .82 rear, along with a few misc bits including Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator, HKS Thermostatted Oil Cooler, Tomei 1.5MM 3 layer steel headgasket, ARP headstuds and rod bolts, ARP Race RB25DE rings (as I found the top ring of 5 and 6 were stuffed - I went with RB25DE as they're thicker than the RB25DET, nd cheaper. Will machine the piston down to fit the 25DET rings)


At the current moment (21/02/2011) I have stripped the block down bare, pulled off the head and am currently cleaning the head with a tooth brush and degreaser. The block, pistons and crank/cradle are currently at the engineering firm getting the bearings machined and engineered/balanced etc. The cam covers and other various bits are at the powdercoaters getting painted metallic purple. Will take some photos during the build up again for you guys.


Since then I've just attended some meets while limping around off boost, here's a few pictures!










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2eDeYe' date='22 December 2011 - 03:35 AM' timestamp='1324481719' post='597150']

Dam nice ride, welcome to ratsun :cool:


Thanks :D


all that and the only engine pictures are of a blurry air filter?






Aha it looks like a mess really, the new one will be a bit more impressive!




:rofl: ^^^^^ need some interior shots too :P


But nice ride, welcome!


Very true! Will sort those out soon, I'm also getting a full set of LED bulbs to convert all the lights on the dash, will provide pics when I'm done.


Failed to mention the magazine spot you had


Haven't had a full magazine spot but been in a few, I've also got the car in a few chicks portfolios (they posed on the car with a photographer mate of mine) but yeah ;p

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