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Finally after months of hard searching...my first Ratsun.


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Just bought a rusty-ass 620 standard cab 4 cyl 3 spd automatic from some little hick town near virginia, Rust is everywhere but the engine purrs and rode great for a solid 2 hour interstate drive home. Truck drives right, brakes left, gonna need some love and attention, but a lot of the rust is going to stay for looks, and be secretly reinforced.


My plan so far is some dodge turbine wheels, painted satin black with chrome or red lips, lower it down on blocks, throw some fenderskirts on it, redo the interior, and leave it rusty and faded red, then drive the living hell out of it.


I've been waiting to build a nice little ratsun for a while, and the time has come.


Any east coast guys on here? especially in the NC area?


-Lonnie (The new kid on the block)

PS...I bought it for 400 bucks, maybe i'm just a dumbass but it seemed like a deal to me.

((Pics to follow shortly))

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Congrats on snagging that 620, and it's good to see somebody on the east half of the country here. I had some fun bombing around the Southport and Brunswick County areas back in my old 280ZX about 19 years ago. I guess I need to find another one and take that road trip again.

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Shitty pic that the seller took, this is all i saw to drive over 2 hours to go check this little truck out. Talk about some faith and love of datsuns.


Theres a guy down here with a 73 620 auto with a newer nissan 4 cyl, offenhauser intake, webber carb, on blocks, nice wheels and white letter tires in grey primer, 485 high-lift cam, ive been trying to get it for a while but I cant get my car sold to buy the damned thing, who knows, i may end up with 2 datsuns eventually.


Hes asking 1500, but with cash i know i could haggle a bit.

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East Coaster here! But up in NH. LOL funny, i just saw a Vega up the road and was thinking it would be an interesting ride. it was a 1975 Chevy Vega Cosworth Edition from what the sign said.... but I figure focus on the 620....


i just parted out a 76 620, kept a few parts just in case, if you need something see if i have it, easier than shipping from CA.

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The wheels: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/CRR-69566035/?rtype=10


The vega is an original NC car, and it had little rust when I got it, already por 15'd and fixed pretty much all of it, and yeah the truck was on craigslist for 600 in Lowgap, Nc, I got it for 400, rusty as hell, but I love the look of a little wear and tear :D

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Just bought a rusty-ass 620 standard cab 4 cyl 3 spd automatic from some little hick town near virginia, Rust is everywhere but the engine purrs and rode great for a solid 2 hour interstate drive home.

Right on, it sounds like my kind of truck.

Last month, after months of searching, I too found a rusty standard cab L18 4 speed 1974 truck.

Orignally white, now sporting a blue hood and tailgate, I refer to it as "Rust, White & Blue" in color.

I drove it home at 70mph, and prayed no one was going to come to a quick stop in front of me :mellow:





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Theres actually some nice looking dattos in the area, im just too poor to own them, theres a 620 with a mustandg 6cyl and automatic in it with almost zero rust, a yellow one thats all original 4 spd thats almost mint, and the previously mentioned badass 73 620.


I could have gotten the mustang one for 800 bucks, and the body would have been better, but fuck a ford powertrain, not happening.


The mint one is like 2600 bucks, no thanks.


The badass one... welll... we'll see if I end up owning it.


18 years old, working minimum wage, no idea where to go to college, about to have a collection of dattos.


Fuck it, what's the worst that can happen?

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