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    64 chevy wagon,76 datsun longbed,2000 s10 extrem
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    hot rods,customs,620 pickups,airbrushing,cooking,and building custom bbq grills,and useing them
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  1. bbqbill

    79 disc brakes

    OIt may be on here Already ,but will 79 620 disc break setup fit a 76 620 ? I have a chance to get them from the junk yard , I don't want waste the money if they don't fit.
  2. bbqbill

    Adjuster head

    I may have one from a 75 620 if it will fit.
  3. bbqbill

    Datsun 620 Rear Bumper Assembly

    I have a complet step bumper still on my truck I'm not going to use .
  4. bbqbill


    im looking for fenders for my 76 620,im looking for ones that are better then mine.
  5. bbqbill

    weber carb adapter plate

    i need a adapter to fit a weber to 76 l20 would yours work ?
  6. bbqbill

    Parting Out 1973 Datsun 620

    how much for fenders ? to 48101
  7. bbqbill

    Introduction & my Custom 620

    that is the sweetest tailgate!!!
  8. bbqbill

    New to RATSUN and Datsun

    looks ripe enough to pick ! welcome :thumbup:
  9. bbqbill

    disks for a 76 620

    well the front brakes from a 82 datsun truck work on a 76 620 ?
  10. bbqbill

    Shawn's 74' 620 Project

    nice truck :thumbup: :thumbup: i like the bed cover!
  11. bbqbill

    620 Photo Shoot

    nice couple!!!!
  12. bbqbill

    So many parts, i dont know where to start.

    im lookin for fenders,dr,and pass.,to 48101. any help? nothen like this around here.
  13. bbqbill

    Fitted some new wheels (update 2nd pg.)

    what did you use on your fender opening ?i love the way they flair! i have seen a lot of flaired fendes on here ,but these look ...wow!!
  14. bbqbill


    settin pretty!!!
  15. bbqbill

    my 76 620 longbed

    who said ball bats,buck shot ,and a leather purse are just for weddings ? these are what i used to form my sheet medal .

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