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  1. bbqbill

    Wanted 1979 620 dash complete

    Will a 77 dash work? I have one but the Instrument panel is broken
  2. bbqbill

    Old style 620 grill

    How old are you looking for ?
  3. bbqbill

    620 cab body mounts

    Thanks for the help, l will check them out. I have all the washers the rudder mounts are just dryed and cracking. I would appreciate the number thanks
  4. bbqbill

    620 cab body mounts

    I have replaced a lot of my rusted out floors, would like to get new body mounts, I can’t find any new/ reproduction ones . Any ideas , will some from a different model work? I have a 76 620
  5. bbqbill

    79 disc brakes

    OIt may be on here Already ,but will 79 620 disc break setup fit a 76 620 ? I have a chance to get them from the junk yard , I don't want waste the money if they don't fit.
  6. bbqbill

    Adjuster head

    I may have one from a 75 620 if it will fit.
  7. bbqbill

    Datsun 620 Rear Bumper Assembly

    I have a complet step bumper still on my truck I'm not going to use .
  8. bbqbill


    im looking for fenders for my 76 620,im looking for ones that are better then mine.
  9. bbqbill

    weber carb adapter plate

    i need a adapter to fit a weber to 76 l20 would yours work ?
  10. bbqbill

    Parting Out 1973 Datsun 620

    how much for fenders ? to 48101
  11. bbqbill

    Introduction & my Custom 620

    that is the sweetest tailgate!!!
  12. bbqbill

    New to RATSUN and Datsun

    looks ripe enough to pick ! welcome :thumbup:
  13. bbqbill

    disks for a 76 620

    well the front brakes from a 82 datsun truck work on a 76 620 ?
  14. bbqbill

    Shawn's 74' 620 Project

    nice truck :thumbup: :thumbup: i like the bed cover!
  15. bbqbill

    620 Photo Shoot

    nice couple!!!!

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