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Windshield seal(ant)


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So I installed my new windshield this summer with a new seal. Since it has started raining I am getting water in the passenger foot well.


I installed my windshield with no sealant because it seemed like less of a mess, and I thought I had read others do that.


Haynes manual says to use a "sealing compound"


What would be good to use to seal my windshield gasket?

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Guest 510kamikazifreak

510s had a thin strip of urethane along the top of the gasket(to body)for some reason,they are not like todays vehicles where the glass is a integral part of the unibody,so the need for urethane is not there.

they were also sealed around the whole windshield to gasket,aswell as the rubber to body with Butyl sealant(tube,caulk< laymans term :lol: )






If you ever want to remove the windshield sometime down the road, Do NOT use urethane ,or the gasket will be toast




Use Dupont 4105S(wash/wipe,check material data sheet to confirm it will not erode your painted finsh)to clean any excess butyl off the rubbber and the painted surface.

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Guest 510kamikazifreak

I used urethane in a tube from a glass shop. (the guy was pissed at his boss and gave me a whole tube) It's messy stuff but works really well. Do not get on hands. It won't rub off!


laquer thinner takes it off likidy split :lol:

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i got a tube from a glass guy. had a napa logo. specifically for windows. non hardening butyl. layed a consistent bead all around little bit smaller than the diameter of a pencil. if you do any bigger it will be messy. no urethane.

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