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Getting an engine home and stored?


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So the I might be picking up an engine later today and the seller has a hoist which is good. but once up in the truck what do I put it on? can I just put it down kinda on its side? or is it better to put a spare tire under it? is there anything other than a spare tire that's just as simple If I can't find one?


also once home I guess the same question. what do I put it on? just dangle it from a hoist?

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I drove my motor home on its side after draining fluids, it was in the trunk of my Jetta. Tires work well, but are bouncy as well, so straps might help. Hoist dangling can be fun, but not forever. I left my motor hung for a night, and then I needed my lift so I put the motor on a tire for a few days. My old motor is resting on wood blocks to keep it level. Sitting right on the oil pan, just make sure to support it well.


As for long term storage of a motor... someone else will chime in... maybe since you didnt ask about it...

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oh so you can just rest it on the oil pan? as long as its well supported.


and log term storage was the next question. I was linking put a little oil in the spark plug holes and crank the engine by hand a bit to coat the cylinders and then put the plugs back on to seal it. and remove the rocker arms so the valves all close.

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Well when a motor sits on a tire all the tire is doing is putting pressure on the oil pan. Yes I have rested my L18 on the oil pan directly on pavement. It held fine. So yes, just support it well, shouldnt be a problem.


On my mercedes the oil pan was a jack point... and it never buckled!

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tyres are good ive used em lots


they help stop the engine sliding about on the bed too :) once strapped down nice that extra friction makes sure it doesnt budge


if you dont have any, your local tyre shop probably wont have a problem with you taking some old worn ones off their hands for free

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Thanks for the responses guys. I got it home fine. right now I have it resting on an old tire and a 2x4. I think I will be either buying or building a stand so I can have it on wheels.


next question:

I know I can use my z 5 speed on the KA using a truck bellhousing but can I use the flywheel and clutch from my L18? I'm sure the answer is no but why not ask.


also what throw out bearing and clutch fork do I use? the truck ones? is that already in my car since it was swapped to a 5 speed?

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