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one of the best camping trips ever

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so every year about this time me and the hippy (]2edeye) head out into the woods to find a road to take over for memorial day weekend.


the whole clan usually comes out plus a lot of friends.


these videos are from a especially heinous camping trip that was too much fun for one week.


somebody rolled my truck for me, somebody else drove their truck off a cliff, and there was some general booze filled violence with a lil basic camping thrown in for good measure.



in chronological order:


episode 1-


unofficial episode 2 (the missing tape)-


episode 3-


this all dates back to memorial day 2005


new videos of this years camping trip this summer stay tuned

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Is that Ryans voice i hear in the 3rd vid?


yes and maybe no...


see im a ryan... in seattle




"ryan in seattle" was not in that vid.


tho he did endo his truck in this vid



he always pussed out on the camping trips :glare:

and somewhere i do have video of my celica towing his truck home:lol:

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We usually start scouting right around yesterday. Got stuck in the snow so we have to go back after it thaws a bit.


We are scouting the Marblemount area off of Hwy 20 for this years trip.


That footage is from the Index area.

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