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Looking to get a 620 tonight


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They are asking 2300 for the truck. I haven't seen it in person yet but its a 72' 620 and it looks very clean, mostly original, and well maintained. Just don't want to get taken advantage of seeing as I am a noob. What sort of questions should I ask and what should I look for as far as common problems with ageing in 620's? Mostly been researching 521's and 510s but this year of 620 has an L16, and I'm looking for a commuter. Thanks, any help would be appreciated!


Also I slightly worry about not being able to find parts when in need, should I worry? WHATS THE DEAL?!?

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there are parts still available for these trucks, I find brakes and engine parts in auto parts stores all the time. You cant get everything for them, and body parts tend to be tough, but you can usually find almost everything you need on this site.. Good luck with the buy, and remember one thing about this site,,everyone wants to see pictures. So take lots of pictures and post them up....

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That's a lot for an aging 40 year old vehicle. If you want a commuter, maybe a crappy car you don't have to worry about.


It should:



Be in good repair, no missing parts.

Good matching tires, (not three different nylon and one radial) and a spare under the back.

Underside of engine and front end not covered in oil from leaks.

Smell gas... gas tank leaking or hoses?

Rad full of clear antifreeze/coolant.

Oil clean.

Engine compartment reasonably clean without jury-rigged wiring and home made fixes. (no vice grips holding the battery cable on)

Belts and hoses good.

Body reasonably solid outside and IN. Look under mats by left foot to see if the cab mount is rotted, also the back left corner behind the seat... then the passenger sides. Glass cracked?

All gauges work? Wiper work? Heater controls? Ignition switch there with key or toggle switch? Headlight switch? or loose wiring that you twist together? Any loose wiring hanging down from dash???

Do all the headlights, marker, tail, brake and signal lights work?



Start and run right off the bat, no problems. (no complicated start procedure by owner)

It should idle well and restart several times in a row.

NO smoke from tailpipe on any start cold, or hot.

It should idle without overheating

Driving should be smooth and quiet (motor) gear shifts positive and smooth, vehicle free of vibration at highway speeds.

Brakes should be tried on the highway at speed... should not pull to one side, quiet, firm.

Does the e brake hold the truck on a hill?



You want a commuter vehicle not a fix it up project.

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Wow, thats a lot of great information. Thanks so much! I'm going to take a list with me tonight. Here's a link to the add, just dont steal it from under me guys!




I mean, everything looks real nice, no rust from what i can see, and original paint? seems like it could go either way, due to the lack of information. I'm gonna call on my lunch break for some details.



It is a lot to ask for an older vehicle, but I dont mind putting money into something i love for a daily driver, rather than buying something i know is going to bother me after a few months. you know?


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Thats a nice looking truck. Worth it if everything checks out on Mikes list. Dont be afraid to ask ALOT of questions & get dirty! Climb under there & look @ the exhaust, center support bearing, check out all the front end rubber. $2300 is on the hi-end for this truck so everything should be tip-top. Test drive it on a similar route (hwy, city or hills) that your commute is to see if you like it.


Keep us posted.

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