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I've been wondering what a traditional style rat rod truck approach would look like on one of our datsuns. (Which explains my thread about the Dick Dale Dot Rod.)


But unlike the Dick Dale rig, keep the datsun cab. But, take the whole front off leaving just the cab and replace the bed with a simple box with no fenders. Kinda like the VW guys can do. (See below)


Prolly have to cut the inner wheel wells off... or try to pinch them together in front after you remove the radiator support, etc.


Something interesting would have to be fabricated for the narrower front grill. Like taking a couple 521 or 620 grills, rotating them 90 degrees and mounting them vertically. Then taper that hood.


Does anyone have a 3/4 picture of their truck w/o fenders and a bed? Or even a 3/4 shot of their cab off the frame? 620 521 520 320, it doesn't matter. I am just curious.


Man I wish I had a junker and more time to try something like this. And though I know someone would be better off to get a kit to make a 32 ford or something like the Dale car, I just thought it'd be cool to try something like this with all datsun.



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you mean Dick Dean. Dick Dale is the surf guitarist.


Ha that is so funny! I knew I was going to do that. I am a fan of the king of surf guitar too. I hade to edit my previous Dick dean post because I kept calling him Dick Dale in that too.


What I want to do is drive a dick dean rod while listening to some dick dale.:lol:

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Maybe take a section out of the bed & tailgate front to back and weld it back together so that it is narrow enough to fit inside the wheels? Cut the wheel wells off, fill in the bed sides to lose the wheel well openings?


I think you could try to to the same thing with the front, but it would be a lot of hacking and cutting to remove the inner front wheel wells. Section the hood, grill, pan and bumper. Not sure it you could lose the thickness of both front wheels and still have room to stuff an engine. I notice that the roadster picture has an air cooled, rear engine set up.


I have been thinking about doing and electric motor conversion on a pickup. Maybe that could be the solution to radical body mods.


How could you incorporate a Stratocaster theme into the design? The Dick Dale model would have to be left handed. Use the old Tobacco Sunburst color scheme, or like Clapton's "Blackie" or "Brownie". Or maybe a Stevie Ray Vaughn beat to shit and cranks, signature model Ratsun.

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