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Quick rust repair question. Oics included

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Been working on some metal stripping the last few days, and ran across a flimsy bit of crap on the wiper cowl, that I found was cracked. Just curious how you guys would go about repairing it the "right" way.




I doubt the metals going to be strong enough to weld to, or else I'd have stripped it off and welded up the crack.






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Yeah, if that was an option I wouldn't be asking laugh.gif There isn't shit for 210 body parts around here.



i was thinking 620 my bad



maybe cut one off a 620 and piece it in


Wait ,,, you both are correct ,,, :) ,,, think about it ,,, CUTTING out the contour of the same-type of wind-shield cowl ,,, from many datsun's ,,,or other cars in general ,,,,is going to be very similiar or identical curves ( possibly ) ,,, as to the one you seek on your 210 MM47 ,,,


It MIGHT just take a little re-working ,,, you might be able to cut off another car/model/year/make ,,, hell ,,, why not !?


Trial and error ,,, should be good man :)



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Let me TIG weld in a patch panel. It'll be strong as ever.


I thought you were supposed to be out of the 210 already ;-)


Tell me when and where and I"ll me ya cool.gif




I just wanna get it all buttoned up before she leaves. I don't want to sell it to someone in shitty condition. I want someone to be PROUD to own her!

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