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1978 Datsun B210 PLEASE DELETE!!!

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I was just standing in my yard talking to Pumpkin about how i was thinking about posting my beater 510 up for trade for older B210.. Although your cars just like the rig i had pictured ( i my mind ) i kinda had my hopes up for a 2 door hatch.


But i am here again looking at your car.. wink.gif

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You may be the first person ever who wants to trade a 510 or a B210... but as the price of gas increases there may be more...


Well nobody has ever accused me of being the most normal person they have ever metlaugh.gif


original post is still strangely attractive ( to me ) and not because of gas mileage, that`s about the last thing on my list.


Although i was also thinking of a 1200 trade...




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