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Slave cylinder problems?


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Iv owned my truck for a couple years now and have replaced my slave cylinder about 6 times (it starts leaking)... Is this normal? I hate when all the sudden my clutch will not work right.

If it is not normal, anybody know how to fix it? or at least make them last longer?

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Have you replaced the master cyl? COMPLETELY flushed the clutch hydraulic lines?


Usually consistent wear-out is because you're pumping contaminated fluid through them.


Or, you're buying cheap Taiwanese/Chinese slave cyls at Autozone.


Or, you're offroading in the mud and getting dirt in it all the time. They won't live long if they constantly get submerged or muddy, but washing it off after offroading might make it live longer.

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I have not replaced the master cylinder but I have one sittin at my house, and I have completely flushed the lines. It might be a problem of it being cheaply made. It could also very well me getting muddy... Il take a look and try these things.



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