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too much air?

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so my weber has been runnin off since i ran out of gas so i have a l16 stock running a new 32/36 weber and it runs better with the choke on then with the choke off when the choke is off it kinda spudders and and runs rough and i was wondering if that could be too much airflow? or somethin else i guess it doesnt help that my motors goin but thats another story haha any help would be cool guys thnx

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Dang, I opened this thread expecting to see someone jumping their Datsun! I am dissapointed. dry.gif





Datsunkid, sounds like you may have sucked some stuff out of the bottom of the tank. Anytime I hear of someone running an old tank like that empty, I usually recommend a new fuel filter and a quick inspection. As old as these cars are, you have to be careful not to run the tank empty, because any sediment that's settled in the bottom of the tank is sucked into the fuel pickup. Usually the filter does a pretty good job of catching it all, but sometimes a little makes it by.

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The filter does an amazing job but water can flow through. If it's just water it will slowly get sucked through or evaporate from the engine warmth. Definitely change the filter, and cut it open and inspect. I had problems once and when I shook the old filter it rattled. The element inside had come apart and wasn't filtering at all. $5 for good running is cheap.

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