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Nissan titans and sone odds and ends

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I'm looking for some titan wheels. Prefure the 6 spoke 18's but would settle for the 5's.


Few other things im lookin for:

wink/panal mirror

Fender mirrors

Different grant wheel

620 center console

620 shift boot

620 parcel tray


If u have any of this stuff lemme kno I gots some momiez and trying to get some stuff together to make my truck the way I want it. Thanks!

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Top Posters In This Topic

I have ad for brand new 13 inch Grant steering wheels and adapter that will fit 620. I want $70 plus shipping on the steering wheel , and $25 plus shipping for the adapter. I might have a used Grant if you are looking for something used.

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Not mine but some CL searches showed this for wheels...





or for the 17s



Not sure if that helps. Have you looked into tires yet? Check the price difference between 18 and 17.

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Yeah I have looked into price for tires. I been huntin craigs list. Only prob is ppl want the worth of rim and tire. But I dont need the tires as they wouldnt fit on my truck anyway lol. So thats why I was checkin rataun. Better chance someone has a set of just the rims layin around lol. Thank you tho!

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