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Wobbling 620


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Does your steering wheel shake? Or can you watch the rear corners of the bed shaking? Did you change wheels or tires recently? You have described the common symptoms of a tire balance problem.


Usually when a vehicle has a shake it is something that is spinning or is triggered by something spinning.




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umm...it doesn't feel like the steering wheel is wobbling...when I look at the bed from the side view mirror, the bed is shaking or wobbling...I don't really know the difference between the two ...LOL... But I haven't changed my tires..I'll check the carrier bearing rubber...hopefully it's not the driveline itself...

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ok. I got off of work today and headed straight to Walmart Tire and Lube to balance my tires...(cheapest i found..$7.50/tire) I took the back roads to avoid traffic and I didn't get to reach the speeds it normally shakes at..I'll find out during the drive to work tomorrow...But If I still feel the wobble..what should be the very next thing I check??

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What I think you have going on is lack of torque on your U bolt nuts.When I lowered my 620 it went freaky like that on the highway.I re read the package for the bolts and it said to torque to 80 ft. lbs.I was at like 30.80 is a lot when your knuckles are scraping the pavement since you just lowered it.After I torqued mine it rode great again.

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