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Ratsun Valentines Box

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Any of you with children (or childhood memories) know that its a big thing to make a valentines bag or box to collect all your little cards and candy from your fellow grade school class mates. It seems that it has gotten more competitive around here lately to be creative. I have been teaching my 9 yer old son, Miles, to MIG weld lately so that's what he wanted to do for his box.


We decided on a rusty, rat rod sort of look. We found an old Christmas card box and took some rusty sheet metal to build around it. We even left it out in the weather for a few days to get more patina goodness. I helped him with the dimensions but he cut all the steel with an air nipper and welded it all up himself with me watching. All I did was help him cut the heart shape out. It was good practice as you could see his welds getting better each time. The box went over really well in class, and just as I told him, girls dig rusty metal. :D I told him he can get a bunch of scrap metal this summer and start welding up artwork and such. He should have it down in no time.







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