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does anybody know what a good rear spring replacement would be for 71 2 door?thanks, mike


This is like asking where's a good place to eat.


Some info would help. Are you looking to simply replace with good new springs? What is wrong with the ones you have? Could it simply be worn shocks that are the problem? Ride height too high, too low? If you are looking to up grade what you have now you'll get lots of differing opinions as no two people's idea of ideal handling, soft, stiff, ride height are the same. What kind of driver are you? Will the car be raced, autoXed, daily driven, city or highway driven or both?

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....or is it a '72 2dr roadster?


Then it would be called a 240z.



Don't let us put you off. You know your car the best and what you want to do with it. We can only imagine.You can also finish filling out your on line profile so we know where about you live and what Datsun(s) you have.


The more info on your ride the better it is for you.

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Go to the Datsun Parts Wanted section and make a post looking for someone who has a stock set they took out and saved when they up graded.You may find other ones there too.


I can move this thread there if you want. Let me know.

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