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complete satern alternator swap

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i bought this from slodat for 100.00 then got the plug for 10.00 but went ka b4 i got to use it.....it is a 90 amp satern alternator with a mount and ajuster bar ...this was in his 510 and worked great ....ready to use......i will not ship not for anything i hate doing it and the last 2 times i lost money....will not ship.....you have to come pick it up...im asking 75.00 for quick sell......might take a offer if close.....thx corey



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oh ya and i got some random datsun parts looks to be mostly 620 but there free if ya take it all, i didnt go through the stuff but i know there is a datsun valve cover and 79 door panels...a distributor ,and well just come get it....i will not save it for ANYONE, or ship, like a box and a half of stuff......IF YOU TAKE IT ALL ITS FREE, IF NOT I WILL CHARGE FOR IT ACCORDING TO PART....thx corey

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flat rate box------------------------ 10 dollars

gas to the post office-------------- 1 dollar

tape for the box--------------------- 1 dollar


helping a fellow ratsuner out----- Priceless



Come on man, I'll do 90 shipped, you'll make 5 dollars just for shipping it! Please please please! :D

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What kind of saturn and what kind of mount? This one looks spoken for, but I want one. What do I need to look for?


This is a for sale thread.



Read First: Rules for posting in the For Sale section



1/ Replies WILL be limited to questions about the item for sale and 'reasonable offers'. All others will be removed at the moderators discretion.





If you have a question start a thread of your own or better yet type in 'Saturn alternator swap' into the search function.







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