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tail lights


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look under pedal there is the swithc with plunger sticking out. there will be a plate in the pedal arm the fell out(should see a hole). it pushes the switch.

I just JB weled a Penny on there and its good now.


simple fix.


It was the spacer on the brake pedal. Went to the Junkyard and found one. Thanks guys fot the help.

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I saw these on ebay. 50 bucks includes shipping. I think that's cheaper than I can replace my OEM 521 tail lights for, does any have experience with these? Shipped from Thailand.




* crickets chirping * Okay, I'll let you know how it turns out. :unsure:

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those are JDM/foreign market 521 lights and nothing like the ones that we got here stateside. They are taller and narrower and always remind me of trailer lights... post up in the wanted section for some.


Yea, I have original tail lights but with busted lenses I figured every time I break one its going to be a nut roll to chase down OEM lenses etc. I don't mind the size difference - was actually looking at tail lights off a Mitsubishi Fuso delivery truck or going off on a tangent with round LED tail / back up lights.


They're on order now, $47 shipped off ebay. I'll post a pic when they're installed.



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Well, they are here. The quality is what I expected, which means I'll have to mod them a bit before installation. Here's some pics (oics). Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): I paid about $50 bucks for them, I actually like the smaller size compared to OEM, bought them on ebay on June 28, they shipped from Thailand on the 30th and I had them on July 9th. The vendor was designguu but there are a couple others who sell them as well. At the end of the day, I think fifty bucks (included shipping) is too much to pay for these tail lights, but its a solution that I can make work for me.







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