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I need some information about my Datsun 521!!!


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Hello everyone in the forum. Please i need infomation about the front suspension of my Datsun 521 68', a week ago i found this page www.carpartsmanual.com where the diagrams show that the truck have a stabilizer, but my truck dosen't come with one.

i want to know why my truck does not have the stabilizer, it will be for the production year? or whas whithdrawn?

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Much of the 520/521 information is listed together. The 520 changed to the 521 in October '68, chassis numbers L521 038555 and up.


As to the sway or stabilizer bar... it was only offered starting in September of '69 and (I think) only as an option. The good news is that the 521 and the 620 stabilizer are the same up till the end of '77. So if you find one you could make it fit.



Welcome to Ratsun. One stop Datsun questions answered here while you wait. :lol:

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Maybe the stabilizer bar was offered as an option like "datzenmike"say. Yesterday i saw an 70' 521 and doesn't have this bar, i think in my country sell this Datsun without the bars and either as an option.





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Yes i have the original J13. After cleaning all the front suspension, i've saw more carefully and there is no damage in the arms and even also where the bar conects with the chassis, so probably never had this bar; but thanks for the time and the information.

Well i have another question is about the speed of my truck, is realtive slow. This wil be for the configuration of the engine, gearbox and rearend???

The transmission have the column shifter, and the size of the gears is:

1st 5,000

2nd 3,014

3rd 1,685

4th 1,000

R 5,146

And of the rear end is: 4,875.

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Most standard transmissions are straight through or 1 to 1 in 4th gear so the transmission has little to do with top speed. Nissan 5 speeds are over drive which drops the cruise RPM to save a little gas but do not necessarily make it faster. This is because the RPM drop can reduce engine speed to where it is making less power and cannot push through the air at higher speeds. Air resistance is what limits a vehicle's top speed.


The J13 is very small so to compensate for lack of power the differential is geared much lower with a 4.88 . Most find this very high revving on the highway and if not carrying any loads a 4.375 or 4.11 can be used. As stated above lowering the gearing may not add to the top speed.

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Thanks again "datzenmike" for the info and the advices, maybe in the future i'll change the gear of the differential.

And "ragman" thanks for the offer but the shiping to my country is a problem, so i'll try to get the sway bar from a 720 around here, or i'll keep without this; anyway the suspension is working very well and for my is enough.

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