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  1. raggmann

    Window felts

    One of my local glass shops. I have to pay freight on top but that's ok. Probably end up running me about $40/each
  2. raggmann

    Window felts

    I got them coming local for $20 for an 8' section
  3. raggmann

    Window felts

    Thanks DanielC, I'll get to callin' around Ha, ha Just called one of my suppliers (I'm a partsman/purchaser) and they deal with C.R. Laurence of Canada and actually have an order coming in soon so I can piggyback my parts. He's gonna get back to me with cost. Thanks again
  4. raggmann

    Window felts

    Who has replaced their window track felts and what donor did you use or did you find aftermarket stuff? My local glass shop is quoting me $120-150 for 2 8' pieces. At that price I'd rather hit an auto wrecker BUT the closed pick and pull is over 2hours away Thanks,
  5. Finally got mine on the road [u It's up for sale now
  6. I might have the rings, I'll have to look Not sure how long it'd take to get them to you from this side of the border tho What are you doing for exhaust? I'm at that point now myself. My only real option is to drive it the 20 miles to town with no exhaust and have a 2 or 2-1/4" system built unless someone knows of a system I can order
  7. True, if you'd clock the whole backing plate ass'y 180 degrees after flipping the diff then it'd all line up If it were me tho I'd just weld new perches on the axle tubes
  8. J2eDeYe, The only issue with that would be your wheel cylinders/bleed screws would be facing down so you'd have a bitch of a time bleeding air out of the lines and the park brake cables would be entering at the top of the backing plates. You'd be better off keeping the axle in it's stock configuration and welding new spring perches on top of the axle which would allow you to clock the diff for proper pinion angle.
  9. Be nice if a guy could find something that'd work for the rubber vent
  10. I have a relatively unmolested dash harness if you need HOGIE Not sure what it'd cost to get down to you from Canada but it's an option
  11. The carb off the L18 is covered in junk. Hoses, wires, crap all over. Looks way more confusing that the one off the 1.6 I'll just wait till I've got the peso's to get a Weber. Or SU, or Delardo, or ??
  12. Thanks for the help guys. Got it to run finally tonight. Need to figure out a gas tank and get the exhaust built and it should be ready to see the light of day. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v294/raggmann/th_IMG_3416_zps38438f55.mp4
  13. Too much junk on that L18 Can it be stripped down ??
  14. Update !!!!!!!!!! Been up too long. Had it set as cw rotation distributor not ccw. Yup, feel like a TOTAL looser Thanks guys
  15. Lol, thanks Mike. Yeah, if I give it throttle it gets worse. I poured a little gas down the throat of the carb and it tried to run. I'm kinda suspecting fuel pump maybe not putting out enuf. If it makes a difference I'm using the 521 L16 carb on the L18
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