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steering wheel issue

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Guest kamakazi620

Took a steering wheel hub adapter of an amc javelin which uses a chevy column and it does work it's a little sloppy but I'm assuming that because the splines on my column look worn down I couple quick tig tacks and we will be off to the races

How ya gonna get it back "off"???? (face palm)

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Hmm well I don't believe what I have said to be a failure but I need a new wheel on there and don't know what to do I don't want to do something weird like put a chevy column or ididit in there I don't think taking an l-320 from non running for the last 11 years to almost on the road and saving a little bit of datsun history is failure but perhaps I'm mistakingIf some smart ass can can show me where there's a datsun Lmc catalog with every replacement part readily avaliablr I'd Gladly throw down the coin to get her back to factory

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Ever SEEN A Junkyard?????DER!!!! Or tried this???? http://seattle.craig...1650894488.html

Buy this GRANT wheel http://seattle.craig...1651390002.html $25 bucks Go to AUTOPARTS STORE buy Hub $25-$30 bucks steering wheel that works and NOT sloppy/welded PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!

well in my opinion grant doesnt offer anything that would look close to original but that wheel would look great on a 70s speed boat and hey point me to a junkyard with some 320s and ill be there i must have missed them next to all the ford tempos

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