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Parting out 1985 300zx

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So update: Going to be selling the motor/harness/transmission. Decided against putting in the 510 since I already spent a boat load on the 20B in it, and it only has 3000 miles. Going to sell as much as I can off the z car and use it to offset a rollcage since I want to go rallying and a good cage is more important than power.


The wheels/brakes/rotors are still not being offered, a buddy needs them.


As far as the engine with complete harness which I will dig out before too long goes, I'm thinking of $500 (includes the harness/ecu), and another $150 for the transmission. The motor by itself is worth $350 for core value on a brand new rebuilt motor. Except those are around 2000. This one was a runner, see the video in the other thread, 121k miles, not in terrible shape. Could probably just throw it in and run it really. Doesn't NEED to be rebuilt, although a tune-up and a timing belt would be a good idea while it's out.

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No, no turbo, no lsd, there's a guy in Spokane who emailed me about the diff, he wants it for some other project. It does have t tops, but no roof scoop! :)


Seriously though, if anyone needs or thinks they MIGHT need a body cut from this car, let me know in the next hour or so. Once I get the driveline out, I'm backing the car on the back concrete and flipping it on it's side for easier removal of suspension. So that side will be useless for body cuts at this point. And after that, I'm just cutting it up and taking it all down to the scrapyard.


EDIT: Forgot I haven't removed the wiring harness yet. That should take an hour depending on how much of a bitch it is to remove all the panels and disconnect things.




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Wow, what a bitch pull! Only had to cut 4 wires that didn't terminate. Most everything else had a disconnect. Anyway, wiring harness is complete now, with probably more than anyone is going to need.



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More pictures of what is for sale! Stripping is complete, just need to cut up now, which will happen later in the week. I'm beat.





Complete 121k engine with harness with auto trans: $500. Will separate the two. Shifter is still on car, will try to remember to grab it.




Some asshole left this in my back alley, along with the bike frame. I think I might keep the cart, it seems to roll nicely. The bike frame is for sale. ;)




Driveshaft and pop up headlights, pulled both motors, they work great. I was thinking of trying to figure out a way for them to operate as vents for the roof like you see on many rally cars, but it would probably be more effort than it's worth. Would look sweet to have an automatic vent though!




Front suspension with steering rack. Sorry Hoov100, I did not measure the spread on those, but I will maybe tomorrow if I remember when I get home from work.




The rear suspension. Diff is tentatively sold, guy has first dibs, but let me know if you want it more and I'll see if he has money yet.




Who needs a glovebox?! Oh, and I didn't take a picture but I yanked the blower motor assembly as well. Oh wait, I lied, it's in the picture with the driveshaft.


That's about it!


EDIT: Forgot, have complete doors for sale, hood, shitty front fenders, and rear hatch/decklid with "tinted back window with a bubble in the middle" but functional defroster!

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Bump! VG30E with 121k comes with complete harness and auto trans with shifter. $475 or make me an offer! The rest of the car besides the doors and rear hatch has been hauled to the scrap yard. Just the good bits left.

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