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Shortest Shocks you can find?


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This subject may be dead but the Pinto shocks I took a picture of where compressed. They were far more than 1/8" difference. That far on the inside of the suspension travel, 1/2 inch of shock travel is well over 2" of wheel travel further out from the pivot point. I removed the bump stops completely on that 620. I even cut the bushings in half to gain another 1/4 inch of compressed 'length'. Every little bit. The first post mentions this is not a mild drop. I'm not sure if 6-7 inch drop is mild. I was tucking tire and had maybe 5" of ground clearance between the front frame and the ground. The lower arms were pointed up even with lower ball joint spacers which I don't think anyone else has made.


I didn't feel the shocks or tire hitting anything or bottoming out. The truck actually drove smooth during those two weeks I had it lowered like this before it was stolen. The suspension was soft and it leaned way more in the turns with the geometry that low. It actually handled better a few inches higher... but that's beside the point. ;)

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The position where the bushings would rest on the left is a good reference for seeing the difference in length that I found. (assuming bushings you install are all equal thickness)


You can cut the bushing down too to lower the installed height of compression.




I just remembered that someone once mentioned that a 1980-82 Nissan 4x4 truck had very short front shocks too. anyone care to look that up?

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i was thinkning you had to of cut out that bushing on the pinto shock but i wasnt sure if it compressed any farther. the 80-82 4x4 takes the same shocks in my parts lookup as the 521. so after cutting out the bushing i think the pinto shock is the shortest possible shock. by the way bleach i think your shocks are blown lol

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