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73 Mazda Rx2

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need more guys like you to save those old mazdas.

Im a RX4 fan!!!!!!!

hillbilly Hector is into Rotarys


My buddy on Spokane,wa has a RX3-SP!!!!!!!!!!


Rx4's are cool too, this is my first Mazda I own, hopefully I could get it running good soon

its cool


Thanx Alleycat

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I just wish there was a decent aftermarket for them...


I wish its was too, but unfortunately...


That car has sweet lines. :cool:






One of my dream cars, although I think the Capella had better front and rear ends.


Lovely car!



going on Ebay

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OH Man keep it!!!!!!!!!


The Aussies have tons of aftermarket parts.

Racing beat has parts. What parts you need?

contack Hillyhector on the 510 realm has has thos eold rataries and can hook you up with parts.

Jeffs Rotary in Puyallup Wa, has stacks of rotary cars on his lot even Cosmos(lot of rust up here that kills them)


its not really parts that I need, unless I find out whats wrong with it, I have no clue why there's lack of power, Idles beautiful though, but that does not help me :(

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