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Rust proof Datsuns?

Guest DatsuNoob

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Guest DatsuNoob

Apparently its been proven to work! :rolleyes:


Wouldn't mind just having it just in case. But not for 300 bucks.


Evidentally shit works, they've been in business since 1987 I think, so you cant sell jenky shit for that long and still remain reputable. They even warranty the parts if you swap it onto different vehicles. I dunno, $300 to protect thousands of dollars seems logical to me. Might just be a good way to invest some tax refund dollarzes

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I didn't read anything about this product but I have seen it used on restored street rods and on the show "Truck-U". They never mentioned that it cost this much though! :blink: I am not sure if it works on a vehicle that already has rust though becaue I think the rust sets a foundation for more to form. Basically what they said it does is that it changes the electron charge of your car body or something crazy like that. It basically keeps oxygen from bonding with iron and creating iron oxide.

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This is a modification to the galvanic corrosion protection system used on boats but with a twist that does away with the need for an electrolyte (i.e. the water) to be present at all times. This works on a capacitive principal. It basically uses a high voltage(~400v) low amperage positive pulsed DC voltage across a dielectric material in contact with the car body. As the positive pulsed DC is applied to the plate a corresponding negative charge builds up within the car body across the dielectric due to capacitive coupling. As the positive pulse ends the extra electrons in the car body (negative plate) bleed off at any sites of corrosion (i.e. bare metal) inhibiting (reducing) the oxidation reaction of the steel. What is cool, is in the presence of a liquid electrolyte solution that makes contact with the bare metal of the car body the paint acts as the dielectric, the electrolyte as the positive plate and the extra electrons from the capacitive coupling in the car body act to reduce the electrolyte instead of using the electrons from the steel.


I bet this could be hacked together for much cheaper. The patent damn near gives building instructions: http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20090166219

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