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Intercooler Size


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depending on how you mount it and how big your radiator is, and how far the SR is going to be forward. Its hard to tell. Just measure it up with your best given estimates. I asked this SAME question like 2 weeks ago, got no solid answers.


Im now planning a TMIC setup thats gonna kick ass.

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thats what i was thinking of using, you got any pics



i dont have any pics that directly show it really.. i didnt want to cut the whole support so its kinda wedged in there after trimming the headlight bucket pieces a bit. My radiator sticks back out pretty close to the motor.


best pic I got



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This is what we did on Dillon's I can't remember the core size.... It's a Greddy unit.









It was really tight in-between the radiator and the bumper bolt nut certs.


I like how you guys fabbed the outlets i was looking for somthing like this on ebay the right size but couldnt find anything

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