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Hey. My name is Mike, I'm 25. And I have to admit I don't have a Datto. Yet. I've been lurking here for a while, and posting a bit. I don't really have any mechanical skills and not much knowledge to contribute to the forum. However, I love scanning the threads for pictures of some sweet ass Datsuns.

I figured it's about time I post up an Intro about myself. I'm a manager at a lame restaurant. I have a Bachelors Degree in Media Arts and Animation, I'm waiting for the next Stop-motion feature to get my big break. In the mean time, I'm going back to school for webdesign to support my soon to be 510 addiction. Once I sell my current wrong-wheel drive Chevy Cobalt I plan on buying a 510. As most of us know this isn't a good time to be buying a car, but I'm hoping there is someone out there that is out of the loop. I'd like to get a 510 in decent shape that I can drive daily and learn about. I've got a cousin who should be a huge help as he's into Datsuns. It might be even better if i can find a cheap 510 that needs some work and then I could get something else as my daily. But either way I'm gettin' myself a Dime.

And so I'm not stricken with the Ban-Hammer so soon, this is for Skib:


Ain't she beautiful!?

Buy her!!!!



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Welcome to Ratsun I got bit by the Datsun bug when a 1200 coupe found it's way into my life and now I can't get enough... I think I am creating a monster



(Christmas Morning 2010)


I have done some work since this picture but pretty accurate.


when you putting the kreagers back on it to fill out them monsterous rear flares lol or at least trim them back and get som nice wheels to go in them :P

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