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Fontana nissan dealership meet 12/12/09


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OK. Stupid question before I even consider trailering a truck from Arizona. Isn't it looking like rain all day Saturday?? If there is any hint, I will not come with a truck. Not only would the day be a bummer to Me, but I think it is unsafe trailering 240 miles one way in the rain. Also, consider what a beating a trailered truck would take in the elements. It would take an hour or two to make it presentable.


On the flipside of this event, SWDP is doing (You haven't heard about any of this yet) very deep digging into Fontana Datsun's history. There have been some significant finds. I truly wish, even with such a last minute notice, that there is a way that I can come. Yes, I could make it without bringing a truck, but is it worth the drive?


Possibly some old employees will attend that would appreciate what SWDP is doing to preserve Fontana Datsun's history.


So, how many of You guys are going??


I will decide Friday night if I will be coming.

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I just got off the phone with the organizer, Scott, of this event. He is VERY excited and supportive of any vintage Datsun vehicles that will attend!! Also, I will be in contact with Him about a possible photoshoot there next year after the SWDP 3rd Annual Bar-B-Que. He would like to clear a spot at Their dealership, like what We have been doing at the old building, for Us all to line up!!! More on this later.


No, this is not a going to be a one time event. They would like to make Saturday's event be annual. Oh, and yeah............ MODELS will be on hand for You to take photographs with!!! HMMmmmmmmmm, maybe I'll come AFTER ALL!!!!!

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Shit, Work, Moon eyes show ,Fontana Nissan. What do I do.


If it looks like rain "WORK"

Moon Eyes I would have to get up at 5:00 am.


Fontana get up at 7:00am. hit that meet. Then take a ride over to the speedway and catch a ride in one of my friends at the auto X.


Done no rain I'm in fontana:cool:

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iam in rain or shine were we meet up? to roll up deep?


Bro you can't roll up deep with two people:lol:

If it's looks like a light rain I might come out for a bit. No wipers and no heater makes for no vision. :mad:

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I have decided now not to come. Had I known earlier about this, I could rescheduled My plans for Sunday and be leaving right now for a 3 or 4 day trip. Next year definately!! You guys have a great time and take pictures!!

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Steroid be glad you didn't come. Would have been a total waste of time for you. I don't think they could care less about vintage stuff. Everything there was new. Lot's of drift boys and GTR'S & 350-370''S. Wish I had stayed at work.:eek:

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