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L series turbo?


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How well does this work, and what's the power potential? I have a VG sitting in my garage, but I kind of want to keep the L20B. I think I could rebuild it for less than the VG swap, and have a fabricator friend build whatever metal parts I'd need.


What's the cost for a decent turbo setup?


What should I do to my engine when I rebuild it?


What are the pros/cons of a blow-through setup? Draw-through?


What parts will I need?


Also, if anyone can direct me to a writeup/build thread on this, that'd be great.

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Draw through - you are sucking in an explosive mixture. If. God forbid your blower rotor hits the case [asuming it's steel] or otherwise gets in close proximity to an ignition source - BOOM.

Blow through - it's only air. Nothing explosive until you get past the carb or port fuel injector.

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Blow through:


1/ need to contain the carb in a sealed container that will handle boost pressure. Fuel pressure must be automatically adjustable to match the boost level plus 3 lbs. or else any boost will over power the fuel pump and carb will run dry. Not a worry with draw through setup.


2/ as only air is compressed an inter cooler can safely be used to lower the charge temp which increases density and reduces pre ignition. Not possible with a draw through


Draw through:


1/ slamming the throttle closed on a draw through carb will cause near vacuum levels on the input side of the turbo causing oil to be sucked out through the seals on older model turbos.

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I am wondering: (crazy question) I've seen L6 surge tanks before, but never a L4. Anyone have actual pics of a L4 surge tank setup?


When I had thoughts of a off-beat turbo build for my l28 I was thinking along the lines of a blow through or draw through. Nice to see more people trying it:)




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