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Thinking about trading the Mini for a Dime... Any opinions?


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I'm seriously considering selling my 1963 Mini Estate. I've always wanted a 2 door dime since I was 6 and I saw pics of my dad's old 71. I'm not really sure yet, kinda seeing the options at the moment...


If I'm to be completely honest, the car is worth between 5-6k, maybe more given it's condition.

1963, all rust removed from the car (there are two nicks in the hood w/ surface rust but I'm going to take them out over the holidays most likely)

1275 Austin America block, cooper S Forged crank/rods, .020 over pistons, Kent 256 cam, Rebuilt SU, LCB, Superflow inlet mani, belt drive cam, Metro Turbo oil pump.

Fully rebuilt remote shift transmission/rebuilt primary drive, lightened flywheel.

Full high-lows with Koni's at the front, and IIRC SPAX at the rear (gas shocks do better with hauling loads)

Rust-removed, powder-coated subframes.

Recaro seats, re-finished to match car color (dark blue centers with tan outers)

Car completely re-wired to use + ground.

Had a NOS gas-tank that's in it now.

...The list goes on, and I've probably got another 6K in race parts for mini's as well (another America block bored for omega 73.5 pistons, works factory alloy doors/hood, weber mani, CV rod change trans, Longman Stage 3 head with big springs/SS valves, Kent VP3 cam).


I know I've got a fair bit of work tied up in this car, but I've been lookin for a solid 2door for sometime. I'd like to see her go to a good home (if I do decide to let her go) and I'd really rather her be trailered by yours truly to the west coast or someplace where she wont rust into oblivion than see her go to some redneck out here in the midwest.



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Mag that engine sounds like it would better sitting in my '59!!:D:D (makes me wonder what the little toster oven under my hood could do in the right hands!)


The windshield looks pretty close too!

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Does it still have the original rubber cone suspension elements, or have they been replaced?


It's still running cones, but they're not at all the original's. The car was a hydro suspension, but I tossed some cones in from a late model cooper S, that were in great shape and quite stiffer than the older cones. It's also got fully adjustable lower arms, both the drag link and bottom A arm.


The Hi-Low's are the older (Better, IMO) style that can be adjusted up or down with an allen wrench through the top, as opposed to the current style that has a turnbuckle in the middle and is a PITA to adjust.


I'm also kinda tossing around the idea of a Honda-powered mini and just continue to shoe-horn the benz motor in the Z.



Hence why I'm asking for some input, lol.

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Mag that engine sounds like it would better sitting in my '59!!:D:D (makes me wonder what the little toster oven under my hood could do in the right hands!)


The windshield looks pretty close too!


I've built enough mini motors, if you want a rebuild any time soon, I'll gladly do it in exchange for some prints (just give me the parts you want in it). They're a blast to work on.

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