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Lie To Me preview for the next epsiode.


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Did anyone see it? Yellow truck speeding in the scope of a rifle? Yup, 620 pickup, similar to the one they wrecked in The Rundown. :D At least I know my craziness in seeing that will be accepted here. I should go get professional help.

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Yeah, I think it was missing the roof, but had the uprights and a rollbar.


Wait a minute, she "guessed" it was a 240z? I call bs. What random about to be kidnapped girl would know the model of ANY Datsun?


Unless!....du du duuuuuuhh! Oh no, they kidnapped a member of ratsun.net!!! :eek: Have we sent pms to the 4 women on the site to figure out who has been kidnapped? :D

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