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I need a runner, which means someone can get a seasonal job

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Ok i need a runner, which means as i drive my fed ex truck, you scan the packages and run them up to the stop. Pay is i beleive 70 dollars a day. Its tuesday through saturday, but when peak hits here in a week or so it will be monday through saturday. We start 630 am, and end when were done. So who is intersted? email my real email danfiveten@gmail.com. I need someone in decent shape, im big and i get 98 stops done 6 hours. I stared delivering at 830 this morning with 97 stops, and finished and got back to the warehouse at 230. Stops will most likley go up to 120-140 with a runner, but my driving and someone fast at delivering we shoudl still be done before 3pm. I need someone who will STICK WITH IT. Ive posted on myspace and facebook about needing someone, so get back to me if your serious. ANd if you live in the vancouer area we may be even able to carpool.

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Its off where lombard meets marine drive there at the port. Keep in mind its just a seasonal thing, and would most likley start next week. One thing i forgot is you do need a clean background, at least no theft or junk like that. Driving record wont matter since im driving. Its going to be very fast paced work, and i know 70 dollars a day isnt much, but at least its something. Truthfuly i would pay more, but my boss is one of the lowest paying contractors there so :-/ its him who will be paying.

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