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another one of "THESE" threads

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but i now have the money to do it:D

well i plan to put my engine under the scalpel.

i plan to put:

double valve springs(Bprojects japan-rated to 10k RPM)

32mm exhaust/38mm intake valves

Port and polish the head

and finally the cam.

BUT i need help finding a cam....

anyone have any good leads for a Cam for an a15?


while this goes on, i will be cleaning up my engine bay, putting either ground control coilovers, or doing the 280zx strut swap with the big wilwood rotors and calipers, adding fender flares and etc, etc...

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Talk to Kent cams. They've made silly amounts of power on the little brit engines the Datsun A engine was designed on (I personally had a Kent VP3 in my mini, and with 1275CC's and shared intake/exhaust that thing was still VERY motivated expecially above 4k :lol:) like the old triumphs and I'm sure they would be happy to regrind one to suit you.


Oh fun fact, even though Kent is a British company, all their cams are ground/made in the states. Yes, this means if you order from kent direct they make they cam here, ship it to england, and then back to the states to your doorstep. I'd just ask if I could remove the middle man and toss it straight to the factory to keep costs down.

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Try Delta Cams in Tacoma Washington. He will grind you a cam to just about any spec you want.


He has made Cams for me in the past. No one made the cam I wanted for a Fiat Twin Cam project I did, so I had Him make the cams I wanted, this was Almost ten years ago now and they are still working well.:D

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