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Ratsun hats

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My friend finished the hat design, here is the first prototype. The hat itself runs from 6-10 dollars, and the embroidery on the front is 10 dollars, if you would like any additional embroidery it is 6-8 dollars more.


if you would like the Ratsun logo on your own items or if you want to pick something from my friends business he can do either. You can go to his website at http://www.stitchnembroidery.com for more shirt, hats, jackets, or whatever can be sewn. If we embroider the logo on left chest of shirts it will only cost $10 and if we get together 12, 24, or 36 pieces we will get the logos for even less.




He can also do screenprinting. I showed up, and he made me this bad ass shirt. They would run 25.00 for the front and back.


if we get a group buy together say like 12, 24, 36 the price will be cheaper for the screenprinting.






if you have any questions you can ask my friend Joey, his number is 503-557-9090 or you can email him at Joey@stitchnembroidery.com

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honeslty i think that hats queer


like french tourist queer


i think the ratsun style would better suit maybe a trucker hat


i would take a trucker hat with a logo on it like a black and white hat with black rat skull and wrenches


Personally I would never own a trucker hat, but if you want to be the prince of the truck stop, he can do that. There is a link at the top of the post.

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