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Official Pinstriping Thread.

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Post pictures of your work or what work you've had done. Give pointers, ask questions post up work that you really like. Have fun with it.


My work so far.


A couple of years ago.



Welding hood.



Old pinstriping box.



VW hub cap



Random Box



First Customer Vehicle, HUGE Jeep.







The vice in my shop



Driveshaft for the 521








Ill have more coming :D



A message i sent recently to ezcruiser when he was asking about pinstriping. Hopefully this will help some of you out that want to give it a shot.


Brushes... i found mine on ebay' date=' I bought the 3 pack (0, 00, 000 sizes) the name that you want to go for is MACK. There are 2 different types of main brushes. Swords and Daggers, the only difference is the sword has a belly on the underside of the brush (only allowing for the brush to be pulled back with the belly on the bottom) and the dagger has a belly on both the top and bottom allowing more freedoms in brush positioning. I use a sword and is the best for beginners.


Paint... I use "1 Shot" sign painters enamel. Usually found at some of your local automotive paint shops, although you can get it from ebay too. Its the most used paint for pinstriping and for a reason. There are a ton of colors but if you're just starting get a small can of white (the cheapest).


Other things you're going to need.... Neetsfoot oil to keep your brushes in. You can find it at the grocery store next to the shoe polish. It is very important to keep your brushes in this to keep them soft, the brushes are made from blue squirrel hair and they are very brittle after the first use if they dry. Reducer, to thin your paint. I recommend the "1 Shot" reducer which you can get from the same place as the paint. It has a brown tint and its a little thicker than the standard automotive reducer but it will keep your brush soft and wont thin out your paint too bad. A large piece of glass to practice on. Its easy to scrape the paint off of glass after it dries. A metal cup to hold the reducer. A lot of paper towels to clean up.


Now it all comes down to technique and palleting.

To pallet your brush, dip the brush in paint and lay it flat on an old magazine, newspaper, a piece of tape, anything that can be thrown away and pull the brush through the paint. You want to fill the the bristles so you have enough paint to pull a line. Continue to flip the brush over and pull more paint into the brush. If the paint starts to dry dip the tip of the brush into the reducer and work that into the paint. You want a little drag in the paint.


Once your brush is filled, practice pulling straight, even lines. Pinch the brush with your thumb and middle finger and use your index to stabilize. You should notice a flat spot on the handle kind of under the wrapping for the bristles, that should be facing your thumb. When you lay down a line, pull the brush inline with the line your trying to make with only about 1/8 of the brush touching the surface. When you want to put a curve into the line you need to spin the brush slightly.






This is something that you can loose quickly if your don't practice. Just keep on it.


There is quite a bit of information about pinstriping on the internet, in books, and in instructional videos if this doesn't help. Let me know how it goes, maybe take some pictures and send them to me so I can give you some more pointers.


Good luck




If you have anymore advise speak up. Im still looking for pointers, tips, and tricks.

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Man Madness...a great idea for a thread! Yeah...there are so many "takes" on striping that it would really be nice to see pictures of as much as we could.


Here is something my dad put on the back of my 521...I know you saw it down at Bob's, but for all the rest of the world...:cool:




And this other crappy picture of the work on the hood...simple...just the way I like it.




Bart...I would love to connect with you on some more "embelishments"...:D

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