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Installing Acura RSX Seats Into My 510


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I was surfing craigslist this morning and saw an ad for a set of leather seats from a 2002 Acura RSX. The guy lived about 30 minutes away and the asking price was affordable so I decided I would take a drive and go see them. Before I left, I removed the passenger seat from my 510 and drove out to see them.


When I got there, I carried the Acura passenger seat over to my car and test fit it in my car to see if they would fit ok. It looked like I would be able to adapt them to make them fit so I bought them.


I loaded them into the car and drove home. At home, I placed them side by side with the stock seat and took some measurements. It looked like if I removed the mounting brackets from the bottom of the acura slider rails so they were flat, I could make them bolt to the existing stock seat mounts.




So I broke out the angle grinder with the cutoff wheel and went to work. I cut off all the excess metal and switched to a grinding wheel to finish up making them flat.




I removed the brackets and test fit them again. They sat nice and flat and even on the stock seat mounts.




The Datsun seat rails are approx. 16" from center to center of the mounting bolts. The Acura rails were approx. 16 3/8" from center to center. By slotting the front mounting holes in the sliders the fronts would bolt into the stock seat mounts.


The front to back spacing on the Acura was longer but all that is needed is to drill a new hole in the proper spot on towards the rears. Some new nuts and bolts and these seats seem to be a great fit.








My later model seat belt retractor will not allow the seat to go all the way back but it goes back far enough until I get a different solution. Also, they sit about an inch higher then the stock seats but this is not an issue for me. I am 5'11". Taller guys amy feel they are too high.


I only did the passenger seat so far but they feel great and are very supportive and comfortable.


If anyone is looking for a cheap seat upgrade, these are a good choice. I paid $150 for the pair of seats. They are not perfect but in decent shape. The leather is still soft and supple but has some worn areas. I need to clean them up and treat them with some leather conditioner.


I will update this thread when I get them both in.

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