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rebuilding wheel cylinders


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Has anyone done this? I see the rebuild kits on RockAuto but I was curious if anyone has done it. I have 1 good rear cylinder, 1 bad and 4 maybes. Hopefully one of the maybes is good. Same situation on the front.


2nd question. In taking the dust cap off the wheel cylinder I notice some grime. Is it ok to use brake cleaner to spray the hell out of them then reinstall the dust boot?



P.S. by the time I am done I am going to have new brakes all around! woo hoo

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Done it many times, not lately. Take apart and spray clean. Wash in soapy water with toothbrush, must be absolutely clean. Rinse thoroughly. Rinse with brake cleaner and dry. Bore should be cleaned with very fine steel wool just like honing a cylinder. Clean with brake cleaner and assemble.


At no time use any petrolium product for cleaning.

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I used 1000 or 1200 grit wet/dry sandpaper on mine and used the brake fluid like youd use water when wet sanding. Make sure to get any dirt or abrasive gunk out of there before you start sanding. Go slow and remove as little metal as possible, just make sure that theyre smooth on the inside. Spray them clean with brake cleaner, reassemble, bleed, and youre good to go.


It was way faster and easier to rebuiild mine on the vehicle (620) than it was to remove the lines and wheel cylinders.

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