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520 owners, measurement request!


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Hey 520 owners. We 521 guys are envious of your one piece drive shaft. Can you measure it and tell us how long it is?


Also, how does it attach to your j-motor trans? 4-bolt plate, or splined end?



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Hey fisch,


My 520 came with a frozen j13 4 speed and a 1 piece drive shaft. The drive shaft bolted to the rear differential just like the 521's do. The trans end is a splined slip yoke. As far as the length I will have to contact hacked521 as I gave it to him when he got a L20B & a five speed from me.


The splined yoke also fit the 1980 720 five speed and the 76 620 automatic that I am putting in my 520. Yoke also fit automatics out of Z cars.


I was going to have to shorten it to run with the L20B automatic.


In my 70 521 I installed a Z20 5 speed with a custom 1 piece drive line. I loved it, no more carrier bearing problems.:D:D:D


I will PM hacked and ask him to measure it from u-joint to u-joint centers.

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Hi Fische,

Hacked measured my old drive line. U-joint center to u-oint center is 53 1/2" and the yoke is 6" from the front of it to the u-joint center. Hacked said that the 1 peice driveline looked like it would be a bolt in replacement on his 521 L16 4 speed. It would have to be shortened for the 5 speed.


Hope this helps.

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Very helpful. Thanks Charlie and Hacked!


From flange to flange end the stock 521 l-16 drive line is about 58 1/2 inches, including carrier bearing. And that is including both halfs of the u-joint and the flange plate on both ends. So if you take apart the u-joint, I bet it is just the same length.


So it looks like we 521ers might have a bolt in one piece shaft replacement with a 520 shaft! Now just to find one!

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Hi Fische,


It is only a bolt in for stock 4 speed I beleive. An easy way to measure any thing with round hound holes for center to cent measurement is to either measure to the front of both holes or measure to the back of both holes which ever is easier.


Fische it might be easier to take your driveline to a driveline shop and have a 1 piece drive line made out of it.


Or find a 1 piece driveline out of a 720 truck and have it shortened by a driveline shop.

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so i can confirm that a 520 one-piece drive shaft fits into a stock 521. Found one at my local pnp and when to test fit. the only thing you have to change is the yoke at the tranny end. This is because the 520 yoke has a dust shield on it that wont slide into the 521 tranny and it is a bit longer. Actually the length might not be as much of a problem as the dust shield.



this pic shows the the 521 yoke on the DS and the 520 yoke below it. in my case my 521 has a dogleg on it but it is the same length as a 521 4spd.



and here it is ready to go on the truck.


took it for a test drive and it drives great. however, at highway speeds(55mph) it rumbles so now I have to go get it balanced. but this swap just made me love nissan even more. :thumbup:

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Three different driveshafts are stock


J13: Slip Yoke

L16: Bolt-on Flange


J13 early: 1965

J13 late: 1966-1969

L16: 1970- (1970 model started July 1969) Bolt-on Flange


Column shift: 1-piece

Floor shift: 2-piece with carrier bearing


Distance between U-joints

Column shift: 1233 mm

Short bed: 615 & 743 mm

Long bed: 615 & 943 mm


The joint-to-joint distance will not help to make custom shaft. You need the overall length, since there are two different length slip yokes, and the rear flange length can very (depending on the H190 shaft you start out with).

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wow great info. Let me clarify then. donor truck was a 1967 520 with a floor shift 4spd. My truck is a 1972 521 with a '78 510 wagon 5spd dogleg. So it might not work for everyone. but in my case it did.

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