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hood trim

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hello i saw one at the junk yard if you interesting i can go and pull it out is painted and have all nuts but when i take out them i hope won't break anything let me know thanks is a 79 datsun

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u can use 1/2 inch wide chrome or black stick on body side molding, if u want it painted the black will hold paint, got mine from a local molding supply shop, cost about 20.00 a roll, u get about 20 or 30 feet enough for a couple time use, mine has been on my show truck for about 6 years, and the first 3 years it was a daily driver, holds good and looks good , matches the curvey roundness of the grill upper bar and is a good replacement if u can't find stock piece..:D

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Guest DatsuNoob
Can some one post a pic of what ya'll are talking about?


It's just the filler strip that runs under the front edge of the hood, so there's not a gap between the grill and hood. Without them, or in a different color than the grille, it looks goofy in my opinion.


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