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weird temp issue

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alright, my 73's temp is acting weird. runs nice and cool when in town but at speed on the freeway, it heats up almost to the point of overheating. i know the rad isn't the best but its what i have.


if it were the rad, wouldn't one think it would overheat in stop and go rather than on the freeway???


also could the water pump, although new when i got the truck last year, not be circulating enough at freeway speeds, but enough to keep it cool at lower, in town, speeds??


i would really hate to have BOTH my 620s down for drive train work.

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well i drained out the coolant, adn added in my super rad cleaner. drove ti all over from home to bothell. normally it would heat up just getting 7 miles out of town. but today she never got above the 14 way mark. i think that helped it. i ahve ot go all over hells half acre tomorrow getting parts for my passat so after that i shoudl drain it nad clear the system. and of course refill it.

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