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!!quick answer- hands dirty !!can I use an L20b starter on an L16 motor??


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The other day after DUI class (awesome.) my motor wouldn't turn over.

no click, no turn, no grunt, nothing.

I figured the starter is stuck, so I bang on it...


I try to push start it, and all I get is a tire chirp, but motor doesnt turn over.

thinking the starter is jammed and holding the flywheel...

Adam gave me a starter from an L20b, but upon comparison, the L20 is way bigger than the L16 starter.


my gut tells me that the L16 and L20b starters will work the same, but if there is a reason I shouldn't use the L20 one, please let me know fast!


thanks guys/ girls!!


one on left is obviously L20b, right is L16



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should work, from what i've seen auto/manual starters differ in size.. but seen auto starters on manual trucks so idk.. but ya dude im sure it will work except i dont think thats your problem.. try push startin it in reverse or 2nd.. make sure ya get enough speed.. sounds to me like a spark/fuel problem possibly... or your not push startin it right.. idk..

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Thanks Lynch-

I just finished putting the L20 starter in, and it fired right up!

I love it when things are simple!


Yeah, I was sure it was the starter, 'cause when I push started it, it felt like the motor was locked up, no turn.


When I went to remove the old starter, the bolts were finger-loose!

that most likely had something to do with the problem- maybe the gear was bound up by a sagging starter...ect..


The new starter made with the fixing. Thanks again!


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Dude that is the same reason I did not use it. I was WTF? It looks like it fits.... But I decided not to take the risk.


Think about it. My engine is the l20b with a 5 speed. BUT! I am using the L18 starter. That bigger one should fit since it did come off a l20b 5 speed.


Here are my pics... They should fit but I did not try since I did not try to fix what aint broken... Good luck.




Edit: AHhh, HAHAHAHHA! You got it running!!! Was going to ask the same question on Ratsun but decided not too you know... Didn't want to look noobish. HAHAHAHAH!

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ALL L series starters, standard or auto, will interchange. They also came as a gear reduction starter for colder climates. I had an L24 starter on my L20B, and when I installed the Z24, I put it on that. L series will work on Z series motors no problem because of the engine tilt. Z series starters will bolt up to L series, but the dip stick tube is in the way because of engine tilt. Use a flexible thin dip stick and bend tube over toward the block.

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