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Simple Ebay Strategy Question

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Good morning,


I have a question about ebay. I've had an account for years but have never bought or sold anything on there. Thought about it. Usually anything I sell I do through a forum or Craigslist etc.


Anyways.......So I am looking over the weekend and I come across a Willys Jeep bumper. It went from like $250 to $310 and at the last minute went to $410:eek: Must have been sniped or whatever they call that.


I have a twin to that bumper, only mine is a bit nicer.


When is a good time to advertise the bumper? Right afterwards, or wait?


Also, when is a good time to list? I have heard it is good to advertise so that things are up on Sunday night but I don't know if that it true.


BTW-I was going to sell the bumper for like $50 to a local who didn't show... I love Craigslist:mellow:


Thank you, ROB

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It went from like $250 to $310 and at the last minute went to $410:eek: Must have been sniped or whatever they call that.


i hate that!


now! would be best.

make sure that there were more than 2 bidders ;) (shill bidding)

strike when its hot.

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Yeah i would list it ASAP. Also ofcourse try to have the most keywords and variations of words for keyword searching. I would add a buy it now for like 450 if yours is nicer and that one went for 410.

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I do like to end my auctions sunday or monday evening, that way you get the weekend lookers and most people are home sunday or monday evening. You can specify the start time and change the auction run length, for an additional fee of course...ebay has been jacking up their fees and has really become unfriendly towards their original user base of individuals.

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Just a quick note, I have put this and some other stuff on Ebay and it is currently at $150 with a day to go. I was digging in my Jeep pile and came across another one so I may be selling it later or whatever. I also put some of my Z stuff on there and people actually bid on it!



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