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sad day

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My wife got the call this morning that at 3:30a her mother passed away form a short battle with breast cancer. She only found out in early Jan 09. The last few weeks she took a turn for worse. It spread into her bones and suffered 2 strokes and had blood on the brain. This woman was a mother to me after I lost my mom 13 years ago. I didnt think it would hit me this hard but it is $#$#!*# killing me. She was very kind and helpfull with our needs for that I know she is a much better place and is not suffering with the pain anymore



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Dude, I am so sorry to hear this. Talk to your wife about it. Talk to anyone that was close to her. Grief is a terribly sad thing to deal with alone. Talk about the good times and don't be afraid to smile and laugh. Time will heal the hurt you feel now... friends and loved ones will help heal each other. You aren't alone.

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The greatest offering the Living can make to the Dead is to remember them in the Sunshine, for this keeps the Joy of Knowing in the Heart and helps to counter the grief of loss.


My heart goes out to you. Remember her when she was vibrantly alive and you will be giving her the greatest honor.

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i am so sorry to hear about your loss,, i also lost my mother in law back in march due to cancer,, she is deeply missed by all of us,, especially the grandkids, i hope you find your own way to honor her and keep her spirit alive, we have put up so many pictures of her in the last couple of weeks that we have found, it helps the wife and kids alot. just remember she is not gone spiritually, she will allways be with you and watching over you. i and my family send our deepest sympathy and prayers in your time of need, and hope that in time things will be easier for you and your family.:(:(

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